Tricky Temple | Week 12

I want to write my last blogpost today since I "released" my game on and am now only waiting for the playtest results. Release The game is now available on and I also uploaded an Android-Build. I actually even created a Google Developer Account to try and release my game to the PlayStore... Continue Reading →

Tricky Temple | Week 11

This week was quite successful since I got a lot done. I would actually say that I am at a stage where I can call my game "finished", since I am already working on a lot of polishing touches. Progression Mechanic The most important step this week was adding in a progression mechanic. After the... Continue Reading →

Tricky Temple | Week 10

After the frustration of the last 1-2 weeks, I managed to get a lot done this week. I realized that there was no sense in designing a completely new game and that I had to work with what I already had. An important thing that brought me to this conclusion and sparked my motivation, was... Continue Reading →

Tricky Temple | Week 9

This week, I arrived at a point of frustration with my game idea and my prototype. Basically, I put everything I had done so far into question. The reason for this was mainly that I didn't think the idea had much more potential than what it already was. A little memory game that only required... Continue Reading →

Tricky Temple | Week 8

After creating the falling tile, I am not sure about the implementation of the other special tiles. I haven't figured out yet how the player will be able to remember the tiles and their different functions when the level is dark, because I probably shouldn't be relying on sound too heavily in a game that... Continue Reading →

Tricky Temple | Week 7

This blogpost is coming late since I was participating in the AGDS Gamejam the last three days. It was nice to see that with the knowledge I gained about Unity and C# in this course already, I was actually able to add big chunks of functionality to our game and basically took on the role... Continue Reading →

Tricky Temple | Week 6

Going Mobile At the beginning of the week, I stared experimenting with the idea of making the game a mobile game in portrait mode. I was inspired to take this step by the feedback regarding the confusion between camera and controls and also by a person at the playtest party saying the game reminded them... Continue Reading →

Tricky Temple | Week 3

This week, I was focussed on implementing game analytics into my prototype for the game analytics course, so I didn't have the capacity to go much further into advancing the code's functionality. However, I got a lot of useful feedback from last week's playtests which might help me to figure out my next steps. I... Continue Reading →

Tricky Temple | Week 2

This week was extremely frustrating in terms of programming, but after several hours spent desperately googling for answers to my problems, I actually arrived at a point where I (to my surprise) now have a first working prototype. Prototyping The main problem this week was that I had basically had to decide between two approaches... Continue Reading →

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